Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wedding Evangelism Anyone?

This article from CT's Leadership Journal ("Wedding Crashers") shows that we have a lot to do in terms of the impression people have of the church.

"No" seems to be the word of the day, so much so that when they get a "Yes", it makes them re-examine their assumptions. This is especially reflected in an excerpt of an email from a self-avowed atheist who was married by a pastor:

"When we first met, I described myself to you as an atheist and asked if it were possible to 'leave God out of the ceremony.' You kindly told me that you desired to serve us best, but that leaving God out of it was not possible because God was a part of you. I was not sure what you meant, but I trusted your promise not to 'preach' to us on our wedding day. I have to say that I can no longer call myself an atheist. Rather, I am probably an agnostic, because I just don't know the answer. You've shown me that it's OK to question, as long as I am still en route. Since we are moving in a few months, we were wondering if you could point us to a church in Seattle with a pastor like you. You've made us think that we might be missing a part of life, so we want to give it a try."