Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bitter Sweet Result

A weekend of contrasts for me in the sporting arena. Liverpool lost to Man U despite controlling the game for 90 minutes. A lapse of concentration in defending corner led to a goal in injury time and so ends the unbeaten run. (incidentally the guy (left) holding his head is Djibril Cisse, the Liverpool striker. When my 2 year old son, Dan saw him during the game started laughing and said, "He looks like a dinosaur." Click this link to see why...)

Closer to home, the Steelers won! I think that they have also just won another fan. I have read on some other blogs that it is quite common for some the seminarians at Trinity to pick up an affection for the hometown team and after watching them through this season, I must admit that I've fallen for them. I love the cohesiveness of the team and how they seem to be led by great, hardworking men. Also their loyalty to their head coach despite the fact that they had not done as well in the past tells me that it is a team that respects stability. Not the quick fix or immediate results. Kind of reminds me a little bit of the Liverpool way of doing things!

You can read all about the game here...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon. Sorry that Liverpool had lost despite having 60% share of ball possession. I watched the game and thought a draw would be fair even though I'm a ManU fan. But I must admit that the feeling was great like watching them scored against B.Munich into injury time.
How's life in the States? Coming back for Lunar New Year? Hope to hear from you soon.
Richard Puah.

Jon W said...

You are truly a generous Man U fan! I appreciate that.