Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Religious Debate

Living in the state where the Intelligent Design (ID) test case was fought in the law courts has been an interesting experience. I get to read more articles on the subject than I would if it had been residing elsewhere (Parochial American journalistic policy of favoring local news over news from elsewhere is the reason).

Many defenders of Darwin have cheered U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III ruling that the Dover school board were guilty of 'breathtaking inanity' in trying to force ID on high school students of the district. While they may crow that this is a triumph for science, I still struggle with seeing how that can be true. The way I see it, the judge's ruling is actually quashing true scientific endeavor. What he does is paint a box around science, narrowing it so that anything that cannot be explained from a purely materialistic point of view, cannot be brought into the equation irrespective of whether it is true or not. Am I naive?

In reading the many op-ed peices that have come out about this case, I came across one by David Klinghoffer entitled "It's God or Darwin" on National Review Online. I'm not that familiar with the NRO but I understand that it is quite out there on the right when it comes to its politics and opinions. So the general direction that the article takes is a given.

I am personally quite uncomfortable with extreme "creationism" as a movement (I think that they are misquided in their zeal). On the other hand, I find myself agreeing with what Klinghoffer (who incidentally is a conservative Jew) observes. He points out that the debate is not just between science and religion, it is actually a debate of two different religious points of view. It is Naturalism vs Theism. Both require faith. Both approach the arguments with different axioms. And ultimately both have agendas to push. For more on this issue, read Olsen's blog on Christianity Today.

Speaking of religions... Liverpool won their Boxing Day match in convincing fashion against Newcastle. Michael Owen, the former Anfield favorite son, who appeared for the 'bar codes' was pedestrian and was subject to some taunts from the Kop end. I admit that I would have joined them if I were there. I feel like he walked out on the LFC for selfish reasons and so he's missed out on the great Anfield revival! He was the one that chose to walk alone. He is reaping his just desserts.

So this makes it 8 wins in a row in the league. Even better, the 8 successive clean-sheets equals a club-record that dates back to 1923!

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