Thursday, November 24, 2005

Extreme co-dependence

Just watched the Farrelly bros movie, "Stuck on You" on cable tonight (starred Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear). Seems like ages since I've watched a movie!

Anyway, I really enjoyed it. The premise is built around a pair of conjoined twins who look nothing alike and have completely different dreams and personalities. It takes the connectedness (and might I even suggest co-depencency?) we all have with someone and pushes it to the extreme. The comedy comes from the obviously akward situations they find themselves in when they try to live a "normal" life, like dating, sleeping in bed, and just about anything we take for granted in our daily lives. What really gives the movie the edge is the fact that we have become so very individualistic today, that any idea of never being alone or having the ability to be alone creates a serious disonance within us that we can't help but laugh at the situations they go through.

It was kind of typical Farrelly brothers fare (i.e. somthing you watch to get your mind into neutral), and I don't think that it did all that well in the box office. But it had its moments and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I kinda like Damon as an actor and I can't think of a movie that he acted in that I didn't find entertaining.

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